Laila Ali Hareb Al-Muhairi

Assistant Director General, Aviation Strategies and International Affairs, General Civil Aviation Authority, UAE


Throughout her career for more than twenty-two years, Ms. Laila Ali Hareb Al-Muhairi sought tirelessly to improve the performance of governmental entities in order to accommodate the national development projects and the existing boom in the UAE since its inception. Success became a concern and challenge to which Laila aspires through her leadership and expertise in strategic planning and management. Accordingly, she is known as the lady of difficult tasks who is entrusted with different highly important national projects for her reputation of transforming ambitions goals into realities. Ms. Laila grew up in her hometown Dubai, United Arab Emirates. She embedded the spirit of innovation and challenges during the years of studies and gained from the academic learning what qualifies her to undertake the management of national ambitious projects; converting such projects from charts and graphs to a reality experienced by millions of citizens and residents in the country and recognized by the international community. Her continuous successes at the level of strategic planning spread across the governmental and national arenas.

Her previous experience and achievements include developing a three year Corporate Strategy Plan and Balanced Score Card, development and implementation of CRM strategy for national transportation whereas the Assistant Director General – Strategy and Corporate Performance, she was instrumental in establishing performance standards as well as strategic and planning excellence in the organization. Laila Hareb undertook major restructuring projects for various organizations. She undertook project management such as UAE Aviation Fees and Charging Restructuring. She also brings a wealth of experience in the areas of Information Technology, Training, Corporate Marketing and communication. She initiated and personally managed training programs for aviation personnel in different continents, notably training for ladies in aviation. Now, recently she pioneered in the establishment of UAE GCAA International Aviation Consulting & Training (IACT).

In recognition for her achievements in civil aviation, Laila Ali Hareb Al-Muhairi, the Assistant Director General of UAE GCAA, was honored as the person of the year who made significant achievements in the local civil aviation sector. Internationally, Ms. Laila is recognized as one of the “70 Inspiring Women of the World”, also won “Stevie Award” in Boston, United States of America for the category of “Creative Ladies in Work Field”. She was twice awarded for UAE Aviation Award personal achievements, also she received award for Women Leadership Congress Awards. H.H. Saif Bin Zayed Al Nahayan personally recognized her for her brilliant contribution in founding the Advance Passenger Information (API) Centre in the UAE. The most recent is the award from Dubai Quality Group for winning the Best Professional Aviation Women Award.