Nehme Imad Darwiche

CEO, Jannah Hotels & Resorts


Inspired by the Darwiche’s history of freeing oneself from the world through refraining from personal gain, Nehme Imad Darwiche founded Darwiche Worldwide Legacy (DWL). As the President and Chairman of DWL, Nehme’s responsibility lies in ensuring that every step flourishes with successful execution of carefully devised strategies and that detailed operational management initiatives are delivered professionally and flawlessly.

Understanding his purpose and with a clear vision for the future, Nehme is a firm believer of “continuous knowledge development” and has structured a highly efficient team that allows him to keep his finger on the pulse of day-to-day operations ensuring that DWL will be guided fruitfully into the next generation and those that follow.

With over 15 years of experience in hospitality management industry roles, Nehme started his career as Stewarding Supervisor at a luxury hotel in the Middle East. This position gave him exposure to various meetings and exhibitions, one of them, a seminar on Emotional Intelligence, struck a cord and inspired Nehme to start a long and continued journey of self-study and education. With presistence to achieve more, Nehme grew from Stewarding Supervisor to Assistant Food & Beverage Manager.

In 2009, Nehme joined Qasr Al Sarab – Anantara, located in the Liwa Desert. Within three months, he was promoted as Food & Beverage Manager. It was at this time when Nehme met a noble Bedouin from one of the desert tribes, who taught him the ways of life in the desert.

Two years later Nehme joined Anantara’s Desert Island Resort as an Executive Assistant Manager. After 7 months, he moved to Abu Dhabi to join the pre-opening team of Eastern Mangroves Hotel & Spa by Anantara as Hotel Manager.

During this time, Nehme was part of a team that analyzed the business feasibility, created business models and proposals for another luxury apartment venture. It was at this phase when Nehme’s vision for Jannah Hotels & Resorts was born.

With a wealth of “make-it-happen” skills and a deep attachment to the region’s indigenous traditions, Nehme contributes with his passion and knowledge to Jannah Hotels & Resorts international team. He spearheads the vision of the company and ensures that every step from well-devised strategies through to detailed operational management initiatives, are delivered professionally and successfully.

Born on 28th of November 1984 in Beirut, Lebanon, Nehme attended the Lebanese University and held a diploma in Hospitality Management. He later continued his education at E-Cornell and gained a certification in Restaurant Profitability, Real Estate, and Valuation. In 2009, Nehme achieved his MBA from the Berry College of Campbell School of Business. He then successfully completed his PhD in Bedouin Hospitality from the Liwa Desert in 2011.

DWL Businesses:

  • Darwiche Worldwide Hotels (Jannah Hotels & Resorts, Andalus Hotels & Resorts, BedoInn)
  • Darwiche Worldwide Restaurants
  • Darwiche Worldwide Technology
  • Darwiche Worldwide Properties
  • Darwiche Worldwide Distribution
  • Darwiche Worldwide Industries