Paul Godfrey

CEO, PG International


CEO of PG International, Paul is one of the region’s best-known presenters of business, media and current affairs events, and has Chaired major conferences and debates as far afield as New York, Cairo and Muscat. He is also well-known as a leading executive speech coach, mentoring CEOs to deliver top-class broadcast and on-stage performances.

Paul’s public persona is underpinned by more than 25 years as a journalist and publisher. He is the author of benchmark publications such as ‘The Manager’s Handbook’ and ‘Risk management in the public sector: five protocols for protecting people and property’. Paul has held a number of corporate directorships, including being Head of Editorial Services for Reed Elsevier PLC and Publishing Director of the leading design entity Communique 360. With a Sloan Management Diploma from London Business School, Paul was also a committee member for the Cadbury Report, examining governance issues in the public sector.

As a media counsellor through some of the most challenging M&A territory, Paul has played a significant role in shaping the media face of powerful financial Champions – working with figures like Lord Levene of Lloyd’s of London and David Margrett of Lambert Fenchurch PLC.