Sean Farnan

Head of Research & Development, Falcon Technologies International


Head of R&D for Optical media manufacturing. The R&D function comprises several sub-divisions to service process integration and manufacturing cost down, quality control, product and process assurance and print development of thermal and inkjet printable surfaces. The R&D function also delivers world class adherence to compliance and excellence through ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and CE product certification. The R&D department ensures that FTI maintains its position as the number one manufacturer for high quality optical media for the professional and archival data storage sectors.

FTI is a world class manufacturer of professional optical data storage media and archival data storage media. FTI offers to its partners strategic advantages, essential in achieving success in a competitive, world marketplace. FTI is setting a new industry benchmark by providing superior quality media solutions and rapid order fulfillment through next-generation manufacturing, distribution and logistics operations. The company offers its professional grade media solutions to global brands, private labels, distributors and retailers.