At the Forum, investors and financiers will get the opportunity to mingle with key local government and private sector executives and learn first-hand the How, Where and What of the business opportunities and the viable investment projects that are underway for involvement in the Emirate.

At the Forum participants will learn about:

  • Existing and new investment projects underway in the emirate and opportunities for investor involvement
  • Investment financing options and availability
  • In-depth knowledge of the various business 
sectors for involvement: infrastructure, manufacturing & production, real estate, hospitality & leisure
  • The strategic advantages that the Middle East region, and more specifically, the competitive advantages Ras Al Khaimah offers investors
    • The legislative and fiscal environment of doing business in Ras Al Khaimah – expert advice on the latest regulations and policies governing business practices
    • What financing structures are being used with success in RAK in the present environment and what investment opportunities do they present?
    • How are infrastructure assets most efficiently accessed: direct equity participation, dedicated funds, indirect equity investment?